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July 29, 2021

Lange Real Estate is not your standard brokerage and our agents are not in business solely for their next commission. Lange Real Estate is truly a full service brokerage that provides the opportunity to assist our clients in all facets of real estate and our agents the benefit of having the ability to be a part of diverse and unique transactions. Our agents are equipped with a diverse toolbox to solve your real estate needs whether there are financing questions, you’re needing to sell before you buy, auction resources, and all commercial and residential needs.

Collectively our brokerage works together as a team and collaboration is a top asset of our team. You’re not just working with one of us, but have the expertise, experience and knowledge of our entire team! Additionally, we partner with our clients. No one transaction is the same and our clients all come to the table with unique opportunities and different needs or desired outcomes. With this, we will ensure that our goals are aligned with yours from the start of our first interaction!

Special thank you to Jeff and Rachel Lange for this detailed description of why Lange should be your first choice when it comes to real estate services! We appreciate both of them and all they do for Lange Real Estate.

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