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December 13, 2022

If you’re house hunting and have already begun browsing your available local listings, chances are you’ve probably come across patio homes during your search – smaller single-family homes without basements, often clustered together in a residential community, that also lack one notable feature … stairs.


This trend toward zero-entry home design, or homes that lack steps or stairs that could impede accessibility, isn’t just relegated to patio homes and has become popular for good reason. In fact, there are quite a few reasons – here are four to bear in mind when considering a zero-entry home or floor plan when planning your next move.


  • Zero entry offers inherent convenience. Whether you’re simply stepping outside to check the mail or bringing groceries in from the car, zero entry makes coming and going even easier. It’s also a major plus for visiting guests or family members who may have limited mobility – something worth considering if you entertain often.


  • Zero entry eliminates potential hazards. Midwest winters can bring freezing rain and snow that can quickly turn outdoor steps into safety hazards. Even without the addition of ice, steps can sometimes prove challenging for both very young children and the elderly. No steps, no problem.


  • Zero entry can benefit you long term. If you plan on living in your home for decades, zero entry could make life transitions due to age or unforeseen circumstances much smoother, allowing you to live in your home longer or easily adapt for greater accessibility if ever needed – for you or your loved ones.


  • Zero entry doesn’t necessarily mean small. While many patio home designs do feature smaller footprints, that’s not always the case with zero-entry floor plans. For example, we have several home models that integrate the benefits of zero entry without sacrificing space, offering between 2,700 and 3,200 square feet.


If zero entry sounds like a good fit for your family but you’re not looking for a patio home community, consider making a move to Cherese Woods at 119th Street West and MacArthur. This spacious, suburban neighborhood close to Goddard schools offers 1- to 3-acre homesites, with several zero-entry home designs to choose from.


To learn more or request a consultation, the team at Lange Real Estate is always ready to talk and answer any of your questions. Contact our offices at 316-529-3100 today – it could be your first and last step to home that doesn’t have any.

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