Company News Wichita’s First Kansas Certified Site – The Paddock Industrial Park

May 1, 2023

The Paddock, a platted and shovel-ready industrial park in The Crossgate District in southwest Wichita, has been officially designated as a Kansas Certified Site by the Kansas Department of Commerce, making it the first industrial Certified Site in Wichita. Lange Real Estate, the developer behind The Paddock, has successfully completed the program requirements that demonstrate the site’s readiness for investment and development, including providing detailed information about price and availability, potential site development costs, site access, utilities, and environmental records. This certification is valid for a three-year period.


“We are thrilled to receive this designation for The Paddock,” said Jeff Lowrance of Lange Real Estate. “It’s a testament to the hard work and dedication of our team to create a high-quality industrial park that meets the needs of businesses and supports economic growth in Wichita. This designation should help attract even more businesses to the area, creating new jobs and opportunities for our city.”


Covering nearly 90 acres of developable land between West Macarthur and South Meridian, The Paddock offers businesses looking to relocate to Kansas or expand room to grow, with individual lots ranging from 1 to 27 acres and convenient highway access to downtown Wichita and Eisenhower National Airport. Lange Real Estate is also currently developing a 100,000-square-foot spec building at the site, further enhancing its appeal to potential businesses.



The Paddock is part of Lange Real Estate’s commitment to making Wichita a destination for Midwest manufacturing. In addition to The Paddock, Lange has developed over 300,000 square feet of manufacturing and warehousing space at Ironhorse Manufacturing Park and continues to explore new growth opportunities in Wichita’s Crossgate District.


“Site certification from the Department of Commerce is validation of the work we’re doing in South Wichita, and it’s just the beginning,” added Lowrance. “Through our strategic investments and developments in South Wichita, The Paddock and the Crossgate District are emerging as manufacturing destinations that should only continue to grow.”


For businesses looking for industrial development in Kansas, The Paddock’s designation as a Kansas Certified Site offers a compelling opportunity. With its strategic location, convenient access to major transportation routes, and commitment to economic growth and development, The Paddock and the larger Crossgate District are poised to become thriving hubs for manufacturing and business in Wichita.

For more information about The Paddock, contact Jeff Lowrance



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