Company News Wichita Soars to Top 5 in Forbes’ 2024 Best Cities to Relocate to

April 5, 2024

Are you contemplating a move away from Wichita? Think again. A recent study from Forbes Home has positioned Wichita as the fourth-best place to relocate to in 2024. This recognition comes as no surprise to locals who are already familiar with the city’s charms. Forbes Home’s analysis takes into account various factors such as employment rates, housing affordability, and median family incomes, and Wichita has emerged as a strong contender, ranking just below Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, and above Colorado Springs, Colorado. Topping the list is Omaha, Nebraska, hailed as the ultimate destination for movers this year.

One of the key factors that propelled Wichita to its position is its affordability. Scoring an impressive 80.02 out of 100, Wichita stands out for its low median monthly housing cost of $930, which is notably lower than all the other cities in Forbes’ top five. According to Forbes, the median family income in Wichita is $60,856, coupled with an impressive employment rate of 98%. These statistics, sourced from reputable entities such as the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the U.S. Census Bureau, and MIT’s Living Wage Project, paint a compelling picture of Wichita’s economic landscape.

However, it’s essential to note that while Forbes reports Wichita’s medium monthly housing costs to be below $1,000 per month, the real estate market in south-central Kansas has witnessed a surge in home prices in recent times. The median home sale price in February stood at $220,000, with properties spending a median of just 12 days on the market, according to data from the South Central Kansas MLS. Real estate experts predict that 2024 will continue to be a brisk period for homebuyers in the region.

Apart from its economic strengths, Wichita boasts favorable weather conditions that further enhance its appeal as a relocation destination. With an average of 128 sunny days annually, Wichita offers a pleasant climate conducive to outdoor activities and a vibrant lifestyle. Historical weather data from the National Weather Service reveals an average high temperature of 68.8 degrees Fahrenheit and an average minimum of 46.5 degrees Fahrenheit. These comfortable conditions undoubtedly contribute to Wichita’s allure as a desirable place to live.

While Omaha, the top-ranked city according to Forbes, commands a slightly higher monthly median housing cost of $1,188, it also boasts a higher median household salary compared to Wichita, standing at $68,198. Omaha secured a perfect score of 100 out of 100 in Forbes’ analysis, underscoring its status as an attractive relocation destination.

In summary, Wichita, Kansas, is a city on the rise, offering a winning combination of affordability, economic opportunity, and favorable living conditions. As Forbes Home’s ranking suggests, Wichita stands shoulder to shoulder with some of the most coveted cities in the country, making it a compelling choice for individuals and families seeking a fresh start in 2024.

Forbes’ Top Cities to Move to in 2024

According to Forbes, the top 10 U.S. cities to move to in 2024 are:

1. Omaha, Nebraska
2. Raleigh, North Carolina
3. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
4. Wichita, Kansas
5. Colorado Springs, Colorado
6. Tulsa, Oklahoma
7. Louisville, Kentucky
8. Tucson, Arizona
9. Virginia Beach, Virginia
10. Columbus, Ohio


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