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Whether you need to auction a property or are interested in buying via real estate auction, we are happy to help! Lange Real Estate has extensive experience not only hosting real estate auctions but marketing properties and ensuring they are sold at true market value. Buyers are assured of a level playing field, transparent buying process and true market value purchase. 

How We Can Help

  • Auction Your Property

    Auctioning property can be a time-efficient and profitable choice for residential and commercial sellers. Sellers who choose Lange Real Estate can expect an efficient process in which we will (1) provide and execute a customized marketing strategy, (2) hold a real estate auction for the as-is property within 30-60 days of signing and (3) close within 30 days of the sale.

  • Sell You a Property via Auction

    Buyers who participate in a Lange Real Estate auction are assured of a level playing field and transparent buying process. The real estate auction itself determines true market value, so buyers can be confident that they have paid a fair price for the property purchased.

Upcoming Auctions

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