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What Does Your Front Door Color Say About You?

A colorful front door is much more than a fashion statement. It tells guests about your personality even before you open the door. We dug into some color theory studies and learned why the color you choose for your door may give some hints on who you are.

Row of public changing cubicles with colorful doors on the beach of Trestraou in Perros-Guirec, Brittany, France.

Blue Front Door

There is a broad range of shades that cover the moods and personalities of blue. A light blue door indicates a casual or relaxed style and makes it ideal for a coastal or beach home. People may come to you for a good laugh or some advice. A dark blue or navy portrays a well-ordered, conservative nature. Navy blue is considered to be the color chosen by those who are most intelligent.

Yellow Front Door

Who needs coffee with your personality? A sunny, yellow door makes a bold statement. It is bright, upbeat, inviting and gives a bubbly vibe. The personality will probably be reflected in pops of color throughout the interior of the home. 

Photo of a yellow front door and two decor lamps

White Front Door

White may reflect a clean, fresh, airy feeling. If your front door is white, you may like to keep things tidy and organized. You have the pantry of everyones dreams with perfectly organized and sized containers. You may appreciate the spa-like beauty of serenity and simplicity.

Front porch of grey gray brick house with parked bike

Black Front Door

Black is a classic color and the epitome of traditional elegance. It is like the “little black dress” that looks great on everyone. The person who selects this color may have a slightly formal interior and will keep things timeless, classic and a bit mysterious. 

Red Front Door

Red doors are popular in Colonial-style homes. Your shelves and nightstands may be full of history books and other non-fiction reads. A red front door makes a bold statement of confidence and power. 

Wood Front Door

Natural wood or wood-look doors can have an earthy, more rustic look. If you have a wood front door, your personality may be level-headed, down-to-earth or practical. You may be a homebody with little interest in social gatherings.

For tips on how to navigate current trends and best colors for your home, contact a Lange Real Estate agent today.